Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Welcome to the flexAEM Blog!

Welcome to the flexAEM Blog, a forum for prospective and experienced modelers, and those interested in learning more about Analytical Element Method (AEM) modeling using the flexAEM system!

The flexAEM system is designed to help new and advanced environmental professionals and groundwater modelers enhance their modeling experience. We have compiled our extensive experience with AEM modeling into custom tools and easy-to-follow tutorials that can help you learn some basics about groundwater modeling, get you started on a new way to model and new software, or investigate how AEM works with complex hydrological systems. We have found that the techniques and information we are sharing can help make your groundwater models easier to build, faster to run, produce comparable results with other methods, and provide you with greater flexibility in meeting the unique modeling needs for your project or hydrologic system.

Be sure to visit us here to get the latest updates on new flexAEM tutorials and training, discuss new developments in the world of AEM modeling, or post questions in the "Post a Comment" section regarding any of our flexAEM training materials! Visit us on the web at www.flexAEM.com to get started modeling with the flexAEM system today!