Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Introducing flexAEM’s Advanced Graphic Display Tutorials!

The flexAEM team is pleased to announce a new addition to our AnAqSim Instructional Series -- the Advanced Graphic Display Training Package!

This package of tutorials will show you how to get the most out of AnAqSim’s built-in graphics tools, which can give your model output a professional looking polish and help to better convey modeling results to colleagues and clients. The tutorials also demonstrate the link between AnAqSim and EnviroInsite, a powerful, low-cost software package that can be used as a graphical user interface for building and displaying AnAqSim models -- including the full interactive 3D display of AnAqSim pathlines and contours.

Topics covered in the Advanced Graphic Display Training Package include:

An overview of EnviroInsite environmental data visualization software
Using basemaps and the AnAqSim View Manager features to enhance graphical display
Use of basemaps in AnAqSim to guide model boundary and element digitizing
Displaying model results over basemaps in AnAqSim
Using EnviroInsite as a graphical pre- and post-processor to access web map services for basemaps
Digitizing model features in EnviroInsite for import into AnAqSim
Exporting two and three-dimensional AnAqSim model results to EnviroInsite for display and analysis

The Advanced Graphic Display Training Package includes two lessons, four high quality tutorials, all necessary modeling files, and all associated basemaps – everything you need to continue learning to model more complex hydrogeologic systems with AnAqSim!

For more information feel free to Contact Us, or visit the flexAEM website to learn more about the new Advanced Graphic Display tutorial set.