Friday, September 4, 2015

New AnAqSim Features and Updated Pricing!

Fitts Geosolutions recently released an updated version of AnAqSim, the cutting-edge Analytic Element Method groundwater modeling software package. This release incorporates many new features and makes AnAqSim more powerful and even simpler to use. Some of the key changes include:

  • Adding a new domain type called “confined/unconfined” which switches from a confined domain to an unconfined domain to simulate dewatering of an aquifer.
  • Adding the ability to execute automated runs from the command line, which allows for the incorporation of parameter estimation programs like PEST.
  • Increasing the maximum number of layers from 10 to 14.
  • Adding the ability to change chart axis limits and intervals, make axes logarithmic, and save graph images or data to files.
  • Allowing transient calibration targets.
  • Adding the ability to export data (e.g. heads) that is the basis of a contour plot as an ASCII x,y,z file
  • And many other changes which make AnAqSim even more user friendly.
All of the flexAEM tutorials and training materials have been updated to incorporate these new features and teach you everything you need to know about groundwater flow modeling with AnAqSim. And now, all flexAEM tutorials and tools are available at a reduced price! Not only have we increased savings on each flexAEM product, but the flexAEM team is excited to introduce the new Ultimate Bundle Special, which includes ALL flexAEM tutorials, the flexAEM Model Feature Generator Toolkit, and the AnAqSim Feature Focus series. All for just $100!

Our tutorials are great tools for modelers of all levels, from beginner to expert. The flexAEM Tutorial Series will teach you how to be an AnAqSim pro and you’ll learn some great modeling tips and techniques which apply to any groundwater flow modeling project. Visit us on the web at to get started modeling with the flexAEM system today! For the full list of changes in the newest release of AnAqSim, visit the Fitts Geosolutions website.