Monday, June 30, 2014

Declare Your Independence from Grid-Based Models!

We are having a July 4 sale on all flexAEM products in our AnAqSim Instructional Series! The series has been designed to provide both existing modelers and those new to modeling an intuitive, easy to follow introduction to the world of Analytic Element Method (AEM) modeling. While our free introductory series provides the necessary foundation for modeling with the AEM method using AnAqSim, our Intermediate training packages build upon these concepts by providing tutorials on more advanced topics, allowing users to add complexity to their modeling projects and evaluate more sophisticated hydrogeologic systems.

And, there has not been a better time to purchase our Intermediate training packages.  In celebration of Independence Day, flexAEM is offering 50% off ALL of our products, including our AnAqSim Instructional Series, Custom Tools, AnAqSim Feature Focus Series, and our product bundles!

This discount will only be offered for a limited time (July 4-July 6, 2014).  So, whether you are at the beach, at a BBQ, or relaxing by the pool, be sure to take a few minutes and head over to and use offer code JULY4 to receive a 50% discount on ALL flexAEM products, and declare your independence from cumbersome grid-based models!