Monday, November 7, 2016

NEW! Updated FREE flexAEM Tutorials

The flexAEM team is happy to announce that we have released an updated set of FREE tutorials for users who want to explore the power of AnAqSim groundwater modeling software. To find out more, or to download the new tutorials, visit us at

So, what’s new in the updated tutorials you may ask? Here’s a little of the background:

There have been many new enhancements and improvements to AnAqSim analytic element groundwater modeling software in the second half of 2016, including:

  • A completely redesigned user interface with three tabbed windows for data input, run time messages, and display of model results
  • New transient model features that allow you to save all time-step data to plot transient hydrographs and perform transient pathline tracing
  • Modified data inputs for hydraulic features with conductance or resistance (leaky barrier, drain or fracture element, and head-dependent normal flux (3rd type) line element) to more closely match conductance and leakance terms familiar to engineers and hydrogeologists
  • The ability to save, and then reload, AnAqSim model solutions so there is no need to re-run a time-consuming model file just to re-plot or analyze solution results
  • Updated the data grid and results plotting components
  • Enhanced model calibration tools and statistics
  • The addition of many pop-up menu items for faster model construction and analysis
  • And many other new AnAqSim features
  • Fitts Geosolutions has changed AnAqSimEDU so it is no longer just a demo version of AnAqSim, but is essentially a free, standalone, powerful groundwater modeling software system.  AnAqSimEDU now has the same capabilities as AnAqSim (groundwater flow, transient solutions, saltwater interface solutions, etc.), but is limited to 2 layers, 2 time periods, 5 steps/period, and 500 equations.

You can read more about these exciting new updates to AnAqSim here: 

This new version of AnAqSimEDU allows you to perform some fairly sophisticated groundwater modeling.

So, the first thing we did was update our FREE set of flexAEM tutorials that provide an introduction to AnAqSim based on the free AnAqSimEDU software (downloadable from Fitts Geosolutions at

Pair the Fitts Geosolutions Free AnAqSimEDU with our flexAEM free tutorials, and you are well on your way to learning groundwater modeling in a simple, powerful, analytic element modeling environment.

But we didn’t stop there. We are in the process of updating ALL of our tutorials to provide training on all of the new AnAqSim features noted above. To make it easier for new users to learn AnAqSim, we restructured our dozens of tutorials into exercise sets that focus on specific modeling topics and features of AnAqSim. Here is the list of exercise sets that we are currently working to update:

Set 1: Introduction to AnAqSim (using AnAqSimEDU)

Set 2: Adding heterogeneity; streams and rivers; adding a trench and a conductive drain

Set 3: Adding sub-domains within a large model to represent recharge or infiltration areas, ponds, and lagoons; joining streams to lake features; adding a transmissive geologic fault

Set 4: Multi-layer aquifer modeling; multi-screen wells; simulating stream, river and lake features in a multi-layer model

Set 5: Transient modeling including transient hydrographs for a single pumping well, and working with saved time-step data for hydrographs and transient pathline tracing; model calibration concepts and tools; and adding geologic structure to the base of a model

Set 6: Graphical tools for building and analyzing flow models including importing basemap files for model construction; advanced pathline tracing methods; and use of View Manager features to create report-ready graphics

Set 7: The power of linking the EnviroInsite environmental data management and 3D visualization system with AnAqSim including WMS (web sourced) digital maps for basemaps, creating basemaps in EnviroInsite for import into AnAqSim, creating river and stream data sets for import into AnAqSim, and display of AnAqSim model results in 2D and 3D

Set 8: Diving deeper into AnAqSim tools and features including data grids, solver settings, digitizing tools, model inspector and analysis tools, and exporting model results for post-processing

Set 9: Saltwater modeling in AnAqSim including single-layer and multi-layer saltwater interface modeling, saltwater upconing beneath pumping wells, lateral saltwater intrusion modeling, and proper setting of coastal boundary conditions

Updated tutorial sets will be available soon. Please check back here, or on our flexAEM website for announcements on release dates and special pricing!