Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Introducing flexAEM's Remediation Calculator Toolkit!

The flexAEM team is pleased to announce the rollout of our Remediation Calculator Toolkit!  Our calculators consist of a set of simple “out of the box” design tools that can be utilized by engineers, hydrogeologists, and environmental scientists to plan and evaluate groundwater remedial systems.  And the best part?  No modeling experience is required!  Aquifer properties and system design parameters can be set to your specifications in simple data entry tables to quickly analyze different groundwater flow conditions and design concepts. Contouring and particle tracking can be accomplished in seconds, and calculator displays are easily manipulated to get you the information you need to evaluate your remedial system, including aquifer drawdown, pumping well extraction rates, groundwater flow paths, travel times, and more!

The Remediation Calculator Toolkit, which includes calculators developed to assist with the design and evaluation of groundwater extraction systems, vertical barrier and well systems, interceptor trenches, permeable reactive barriers, and more, is now available on the flexAEM Website.  These calculators can be used to evaluate remediation systems in confined or unconfined aquifer settings, with or without recharge..

Want to learn more?  Visit us on the web to download a FREE QuickStart Calculator Demo, or Contact Us for additional information.