Friday, August 31, 2018

AnAqSim Webinar Series Starting Soon!

Beginning on September 12, Fitts Geosolutions will offer its “AnAqSim in Depth” webinar series, which provides a comprehensive overview of groundwater modeling with AnAqSim, along with several practical applications.  The webinar series consists of six one-hour sessions (one per week), each of which includes lectures, live demonstrations, and a Q&A session.  Attendees may also participate in optional self-paced hands-on exercises between each session.

Topics covered during the AnAqSim in Depth Webinar Series include:
  • Single Layer Modeling – Domains and External Line Boundaries
  • Single Layer Modeling – Wells, Recharge, and Internal Line Boundaries
  • Multi-Layer Modeling
  • Pathlines and Capture Zone Delineation
  • Transient Modeling
  • Advanced Modeling Topics (including advanced analysis tools and model calibration)

Each attendee will be provided with slides/notes pages in advance of each session, and will have access to recordings of each session.

To learn more, or to register for the webinar series, visit the Fitts Geosolutions Web Page today!