Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Check Out The New And Improved Remediation Calculator Toolkit!

The flexAEM Remediation Calculator Toolkit has been revamped and now includes a 12th calculator for the design or optimization of a high permeability interceptor trench containing multiple sumps. This new calculator provides a lot of flexibility when considering a trench remediation design. Our original trench calculator was designed to simply and quickly determine what extraction rate is required to maintain heads in a trench. The new Interceptor Trench with Sumps calculator can be used to perform a more detailed analysis of trench geometry, trench-fill material properties, and sump locations. For example, the new calculator can help you determine the permeability that will be required to maintain flow to the sumps, the number of sumps needed and their optimal placement for differing lengths of trench, and extraction rates required to maintain water levels in and around the trench. The new calculator can be used to simulate a trench of any size or shape, as shown below. 

11 other great calculators are also included in the Remediation Calculator Toolkit, which can be used to design and evaluate groundwater extraction systems, vertical barrier and well systems, permeable reactive barriers, and more. For more information feel free to Contact Us, or visit the flexAEM website to learn more about the Remediation Calculator Toolkit and download a free QuickStart Calculator Demo.